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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
alac-dev Apple Lossless Audio Codec development
Bridgesupport-changes [no description available]
Bridgesupport-dev [no description available]
calendarserver-changes Calendar Server source changes
calendarserver-dev Calendar Server developers
calendarserver-users Calendar Server users
darwinbuild-changes DarwinBuild source changes
darwinbuild-dev DarwinBuild developers
dcerpc-dev DCERPC Development
Fstools-changes fstools commit messages
Fstools-devel Mac OS X filesystem test tools development
launchd-changes Launchd source changes
launchd-dev Launchd developers
libdispatch-changes Source changes for libdispatch
libdispatch-dev development of libdispatch
macports-announce MacPorts announcements
macports-changes MacPorts git and wiki change notifications
macports-dev MacPorts developer discussion
macports-tickets MacPorts issue tracker activity
macports-users MacPorts general user support and discussion
macruby-changes [no description available]
MacRuby-devel MacRuby development discussions.
macruby-tickets automated ticket emails from MacRuby Trac
odcctools-changes [no description available]
odcctools-dev [no description available]
SCAP-On-Apple [no description available]
SCAP-On-Apple-Changes SCAP-On-Apple Change Notices
SCAP-On-Apple-Dev Community Developers on SCAP for Apple Products
SmartcardServices-Announce Smart Card Services Announcements
SmartcardServices-Changes Smart Card Services Change Notices
SmartcardServices-Dev Smart Card Services Development
SmartcardServices-Users Smart Card Services - User Discussions
Testtest [no description available]
Tokend-Dev Tokend Developer Discussions
Xquartz-changes git commit log for Xquartz
Xquartz-dev Developer talk about Xquartz

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