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Thu Mar 6 11:09:45 PST 2008

Revision: 2198
Author:   wsanchez at apple.com
Date:     2008-03-06 11:09:45 -0800 (Thu, 06 Mar 2008)

Log Message:
Doc typo

Modified Paths:

Modified: CalendarServer/trunk/twistedcaldav/directory/resource.py
--- CalendarServer/trunk/twistedcaldav/directory/resource.py	2008-03-06 19:07:44 UTC (rev 2197)
+++ CalendarServer/trunk/twistedcaldav/directory/resource.py	2008-03-06 19:09:45 UTC (rev 2198)
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@
         Creates the child object with the given name.
         This is basically akin to L{File.createSimilarFile}, but here we know we're
-        creating a child of this resource, and take take certain actions to ensure that
-        it's prepared appropriately.
+        creating a child of this resource, and can take certain actions to ensure that
+        it's prepared appropriately and is of the correct class.
         @param name: the name of the child resource.
         @return: the newly created (optionally deferred) child, or None of no resource
             is bound as a child of this resource with the given C{name}.

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