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Revision: 2455
Author:   wsanchez at apple.com
Date:     2008-05-23 09:41:18 -0700 (Fri, 23 May 2008)

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Reomve OS X-specific info in docs.

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Modified: PyKerberos/trunk/README.txt
--- PyKerberos/trunk/README.txt	2008-05-23 16:40:38 UTC (rev 2454)
+++ PyKerberos/trunk/README.txt	2008-05-23 16:41:18 UTC (rev 2455)
@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@
 You must have a valid Kerberos setup on the test machine and you should ensure that you have valid
-Kerberos tickets for any client authentication being done (run /System/Library/CoreServices/Kerberos.app).
+Kerberos tickets for any client authentication being done (run 'klist' on the command line).
 Additionally, for the server: it must have been configured as a valid Kerberos service with the Kerbersos server
 for its realm - this usually requires running kadmin on the server machine to add the principal and generate a keytab
-entry for it.
+entry for it (run 'sudo klist -k' to see the currently available keytab entries).
 Make sure that PYTHONPATH includes the appropriate build/lib.xxxx directory.
 Then run test.py with suitable command line arguments:

Modified: PyKerberos/trunk/pysrc/kerberos.py
--- PyKerberos/trunk/pysrc/kerberos.py	2008-05-23 16:40:38 UTC (rev 2454)
+++ PyKerberos/trunk/pysrc/kerberos.py	2008-05-23 16:41:18 UTC (rev 2455)
@@ -38,8 +38,7 @@
     NB For this to work properly the Kerberos must be configured properly on this machine.
     That will likely mean ensuring that the edu.mit.Kerberos preference file has the correct
-    realms and KDCs listed. This can be done via the /System/Library/CoreServices/Kerberos.app
-    tool's 'Edit Realms' command.
+    realms and KDCs listed.
     @param user:          a string containing the Kerberos user name. A realm may be
         included by appending an '@' followed by the realm string to the actual user id.

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