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Thu Nov 6 11:57:39 PST 2008

Revision: 3329
Author:   wsanchez at apple.com
Date:     2008-11-06 11:57:38 -0800 (Thu, 06 Nov 2008)
Log Message:
Tweak the manual for caldavd.

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Modified: CalendarServer/trunk/doc/caldavd.8
--- CalendarServer/trunk/doc/caldavd.8	2008-11-06 19:09:55 UTC (rev 3328)
+++ CalendarServer/trunk/doc/caldavd.8	2008-11-06 19:57:38 UTC (rev 3329)
@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
 is a front end to the Darwin Calendar Server.  The Darwin Calendar
-server is a web server which implements the HTTP, WebDAV, WebDAV ACL,
-and CalDAV protocols.
+Server is provides a calendaring service based on the CalDAV protocol,
+which is in turn based on HTTP and WebDAV.
 is a simple tool for starting the server.
@@ -59,15 +59,17 @@
 .It /etc/caldavd/server.pem
 PEM-format server keys for use with SSL.
 .It /Library/CalendarServer/Documents
-The location of static files which are exposed into the URL namespace
-of the server, as well as files which are used as a backing store for
-dynamic and managed resources on the server.
-.It /var/log/caldavd/server.log
+The location of static files which are used as the backing store for
+the HTTP resources on the server.
+.It /var/log/caldavd/access.log
+The server's access log file, in a format similar to Apache HTTPd's
+access log.
+.It /var/log/caldavd/error.log
 The server's main log file.
 .It /var/run/caldavd.pid
 The server's process ID file.
-.It /usr/share/caldavd
-Server implementation and support files.
+.It /var/run/caldavd/
+Directory containing server runtime files.
 .Xr httpd 8
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