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Modified: CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Admin/ExtendedLogItems.txt
--- CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Admin/ExtendedLogItems.txt	2009-10-29 00:19:02 UTC (rev 4657)
+++ CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Admin/ExtendedLogItems.txt	2009-10-29 00:22:03 UTC (rev 4658)
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
 parentheses to the original HTTP request method.  This is used to
 clarify what operation is going on for HTTP methods that are commonly
 used to tunnel other operations, such as ``POST`` and ``REPORT``.  For
-example, CalDAV uses ``POST`` for free/busy lookups, and there are
-many types of ``REPORT``s.
+example, CalDAV uses ``POST`` for free/busy lookups, and ``REPORT``
+can be used to make any sort of query.
 Key-value pairs are used to provide additional details about the
 request.  They are added to the end of the line as new fields in the
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