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Sat Aug 6 10:54:59 PDT 2011

Revision: 7856
Author:   sagen at apple.com
Date:     2011-08-06 10:54:59 -0700 (Sat, 06 Aug 2011)
Log Message:
Updating comment to reflect directory refresh behavior -- master sends a signal to child processes to let them know it's time to re-read the cached data.

Modified Paths:

Modified: CalendarServer/branches/users/wsanchez/deployment/twistedcaldav/directory/appleopendirectory.py
--- CalendarServer/branches/users/wsanchez/deployment/twistedcaldav/directory/appleopendirectory.py	2011-08-03 02:58:18 UTC (rev 7855)
+++ CalendarServer/branches/users/wsanchez/deployment/twistedcaldav/directory/appleopendirectory.py	2011-08-06 17:54:59 UTC (rev 7856)
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@
         This service works by having the master process call this method
         which queries OD for all records, storing the pickled results into
-        files that the child processes stat/read every minute.
+        files, then sending SIGUSR1 to the children to tell them to refresh.
         The files are only written by this method if there are actually
         changes in the results.
         The reloadCache( ) method below used to talk to OD, but now it reads
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