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 This library is can be built using the standard distutils mechanisms.
-It is also registered with the Python Package Index (PyPI) as ``twextpy`` for
-use with ``pip`` and ``easy_install``.
+It is also registered with the Python Package Index (PyPI) as ``twextpy`` 
+(the name ``twext`` is used by another module in PyPI) for use with ``pip`` and
+  pip install twextpy
+This will build and install the ``twext`` module along with its base
+dependencies.  This library has a number of optional features which must be
+specified in order to download build and install their dependencies, for
+  pip install twextpy[DAL,Postgres]
+These features are:
+  Enables use of the Database Abstraction Layer implemented in
+  ``twext.enterprise.dal``.
+  Enables support for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol in
+  ``twext.who.ldap``.
+  Enables support for the (Mac OS) OpenDirectory framework in
+  ``twext.who.opendirectory``.
+  Enables support for Oracle database connectivity in ``twext.enterprise`` and
+  Oracle syntax in ``twext.enterprise.dal``.
+  Enables support for Postgres database connectivity in ``twext.enterprise``.
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