[CalendarServer-dev] Some questions

Ciny Joy Ciny.Joy at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 29 12:01:17 PDT 2006

	We have recently started thinking about impleenting a calendar server
with CalDAV support. To get a better idea, I have been looking at the
Open source implementations out there. It was exciting to hear the Apple
announcement of a CalDAV server with even scheduling implementation.
	I briefly browsed through the code and I had some questions. Am I write
in understanding that the entire server is written in Python? What are
the pros and cons of doing so? Just wondering if there will be any
performance impacts if you had say, a million users.
Is it one single process that handles everything from the http requests
to db operations?
On a different note, as far as I could see "reminders" are not defined
in the CalDAV spec. Do you do server side reminders? Is there a separate
process taking care of this?
	Do you have an architecture overview spec I could look at?


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