[CalendarServer-dev] installation on debian sarge

Miro Dietiker miro.dietiker.maillist at md-systems.ch
Thu Dec 7 09:52:00 PST 2006

Hi Developers

I right installed caldavd on a relatively conservative debian system..
Additional dependencies where (debian sarge):
libkrb5-dev, python-xattr, curl, libsqlite3-dev, python-pyopenssl
I suggest you to build something like a target to fix dependencies 
automatically based on OS
or simply provide such an informal dependency list inside the tree...
I read about people trying to install it under "unstable" environment, 
but the dependencies
seem to be conservative to run it in a (ulterior) unchanged stable 

The version we're talking of is calendarserver 20061207 trunk:

For xattr i'm not understanding why they replaced 
deadPropertyXattrPrefix with "user."
instead of "user.WebDAV" but that's another maintainer... right?
The originally posted bug #47 here also suggested that.

The only compiling error was due to the PyKerberos includes with missing
prefix "gssapi/" as already fixed in your repository.

Thanks a lot for this great product!
Hope all these clients around in the Linux&Windows world get soon adult...

Miro Dietiker

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