[CalendarServer-dev] cannot authenticate with server

Tim Lynch tjl3 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 13 12:14:30 PST 2006

oops,  forgot to send as plain text ...


I am trying to run CalendarServer on Mac OS X 10.4.8 ...

I downloaded from SVN, and followed the quickstart directions on the wiki.

When I ran 'run -s' for the first time, patching hung when trying to 
patch resource.py.  I applied the patch manually and that seemed to work OK.

I copied repository-static.xml to repository-dev.xml and made one 
change:  I changed the passwd for admin.

Then, I ran the server with './run' and it seemed to work.  However, 
when I try to connect at, the browser's dialog box says:

   Enter username and password for "" at

I assume the empty quotes mean no principal was identified, right?

And then, no matter what I enter for username/password the server spits out:

Could not find principal matching user id: admin
2006/11/13 12:04 -0400 [HTTPChannel,1,] 'Invalid authentication 
[Failure instance:
Traceback: twisted.web2.http.HTTPError:
<twisted.web2.http.Response code=403,streamlen=None>
--- <exception caught here>---

(I cleaned up that logmsg just a bit - removed my absolute pathname and 
reformatted the single line to multiple lines - otherwise it's as the 
server reports.)

Any help much appreciated!


- Tim

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