[CalendarServer-dev] Hardcoded svn path in run.py

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 10 12:51:22 PDT 2007

I would have logged a ticket but I can't for the life of me figure  
out how (i've registered and logged in).

The svn path in run.py is hardcoded to /usr/bin/svn. It's much better  
to use /usr/bin/env just like in the python line at the top of the file.


Index: run.py
--- run.py      (revision 1857)
+++ run.py      (working copy)
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
  cwd = os.getcwd()
  top = cwd[:cwd.rfind("/")]
  add_paths = []
-svn = "/usr/bin/svn"
+svn = "/usr/bin/env svn"

  packages = [
      ("vobject", "vobject/src", "http://svn.osafoundation.org/ 
vobject/branches/users/cdaboo/vavailability-173", "178"),

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