[CalendarServer-dev] [CalendarServer] #295: memcached error on CS when I input a new event

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Tue Aug 5 13:24:22 PDT 2008

#295: memcached error on CS when I input a new event
 Reporter:  filippos at dsi.gr  |        Owner:  wsanchez at apple.com
     Type:  Defect           |       Status:  assigned          
 Priority:  1: Blocker       |    Milestone:  2.0               
Component:  Calendar Server  |      Version:  trunk             
 Severity:  Crash/data loss  |   Resolution:                    
 Keywords:  memcached        |  
Comment (by wsanchez at apple.com):

 Aaron, CalendarServer drops privileges to the user configured in its
 config file after doing some operations that may require root access, such
 as binding to the listen port (which in many cases would be port 80, a
 privileged port) or setting up some log files which the running server
 doesn't need write access to.

 It is not a bad idea to start the server as root, if properly configured,
 but it is true than in some deployments, it may not be necessary.

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