[CalendarServer-dev] [CalendarServer] #286: ./run script have Perl run-time dependency.

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Thu Jul 17 16:15:21 PDT 2008

#286: ./run script have Perl run-time dependency.
 Reporter:  bland at bbnest.net  |        Owner:  wsanchez at apple.com
     Type:  Enhancement       |       Status:  assigned          
 Priority:  4: Nice to have   |    Milestone:  Later             
Component:  Calendar Server   |      Version:  trunk             
 Severity:  Other             |   Resolution:                    
 Keywords:                    |  
Changes (by wsanchez at apple.com):

  * status:  new => assigned
  * milestone:  => Later


 That's a fair point, though that functionality is only for obtaining a
 specific config key...  Also, the `./run` script is only meant for
 developers, not users, so it's not a high priority.

 If someone can whip up a PyXML-based xpath tool, I'd be happy to call into
 that instead.  Even better, use elementtree if that's possible, since we'd
 like to get rid of PyXML as well).

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