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Thu Jul 17 16:21:38 PDT 2008

#285: Uses deprecated twisted interfaces
 Reporter:  agx at sigxcpu.org  |        Owner:  wsanchez at apple.com
     Type:  Defect           |       Status:  closed            
 Priority:  5: Not set       |    Milestone:                    
Component:  Calendar Server  |      Version:                    
 Severity:  Other            |   Resolution:  worksforme        
 Keywords:                   |  
Changes (by wsanchez at apple.com):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => worksforme


 I *think* you can avoid this by simply deleting `/usr/lib/python2.5/site-
 packages/twisted/plugins/twisted_web2.py`.  I don't think we use that TAP
 plugin in any form, but the way Twisted loads its plugins causes some code
 to run even if you don't use them... Yeah, it doesn't look lie we install
 them in our OS X build.  We do install
  * `caldav` (ours)
  * `kqueuereactor` (not ours, but in from our source tree until we merge
  * `twisted_reactors`
  * `twisted_trial`

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