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Wed May 7 13:56:09 PDT 2008

#266: More flexible logging.
 Reporter:  wsanchez at apple.com  |        Owner:  wsanchez at apple.com
     Type:  Defect              |       Status:  assigned          
 Priority:  2: Expected         |    Milestone:  1.3               
Component:  Calendar Server     |      Version:                    
 Severity:  Other               |   Resolution:                    
 Keywords:  review              |  
Comment (by wsanchez at apple.com):

 Got some feedback from Cyrus:

  * The `Verbose` item in config plist seems redundant and is not used
 anywhere as far as I can tell. We should remove that to avoid confusion
 with the new log level stuff.
  * It would be good if we could find a way to to have `twisted.dav.fileop`
 `log.msg` linked to this logging so that those messages only get written
 out at debug level.
  * There needs to be a way to turn accounting on for every principal,
 rather than just a few. Either another config item for
 `AccountingForAllPrincipals`, or treat a single `"*"` in the
 `AccountingPrincipals` config items as meaning account for all.
  * `account.py` - `principal.alternativeURIs()` is a tuple so that needs
 to be iterated over to properly enable accounting for a user.

 These are all addressed now.

 Also, Cyrus would prefer that logging options be in a separate config
 file.  We can address that later if we want to; I'm not sure about it.

 And Cyrus would like SIGUSR1 to toggle all logging on/back-to-normal, but
 I think editing the config file is easy enough.  Let's duke that out later
 as well.

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