[CalendarServer-dev] Hoping for a sanity check: Chapter 2

Kervin Pierre kervin at adevsoft.com
Thu Oct 16 09:47:46 PDT 2008

Hello Helge,

You've done a really good job selling the
file-system approach :-)  And I do believe
you're correct most cases.  But like Mark
I  was surprised when I first found that
FS was used over a database in calendar

> Contrast that with CalServer. It stores the structured data per
> server, each in its own (SQLite3) database. Queries across different

I can easily be wrong but that may be more of
an attempt to work around SQLite's lack of
table or row level locking rather than a
deliberate database access optimization.

That's SQLite's official workaround for the
issue and SQLite more than nudges you in that
direction when considering it in your designs.

> But more importantely, keep in mind that the primary consumers of the
> CalServer are calendaring clients. iCal, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
> Those clients always synchronize full calendars with their local
> cache. And run queries/reports *inside* that cache. Hence the server

It seemed to me that a major design goal for
CalDAV was to move as much processing as
possible to the server, away from the client.

The server has to provide the same CalDAV
query/report features even if older calendar
clients rely more heavily on their own local

PS.  My predication is that we're eventually
going to see the single database datastore

Best regards,

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