[CalendarServer-dev] [CalendarServer] #305: Apache directory service types broken?

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Wed Oct 29 02:21:27 PDT 2008

#305: Apache directory service types broken?
  Reporter:  msantos at santosland.com  |       Owner:  wsanchez at apple.com
      Type:  Defect                  |      Status:  assigned          
  Priority:  5: Not set              |   Milestone:                    
 Component:  Calendar Server         |    Severity:  Crash/data loss   
Resolution:                          |    Keywords:                    

Old description:

> Hi Winfredo,
> the patch in the BTS

New description:

 It appears that the Apache directory service types are broken. Code in
 udpateDirectoryService() in config.py seems to be trying to validate the
 directory service parameters from the config file against the known
 keywords, but there is no entry for them in serviceDefaultParams[], so the
 code takes a KeyError exception at this line:

         if param not in serviceDefaultParams[dsType]:

 because dsType is twistedcaldav.directory.apache.DigestDirectoryService,
 but the list in config.py only has entries for:


 Maybe that list is supposed to be updated somewhere else (from
 apache.py?), but
 I couldn't find any such place.


Comment(by agx at sigxcpu.org):

 Replying to [ticket:305 msantos@…]:
 > Hi Winfredo,
 > the patch in the BTS

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