[CalendarServer-dev] Which openldap directoryservice to use?

Morgen Sagen sagen at apple.com
Wed Apr 15 09:57:55 PDT 2009

On Apr 14, 2009, at 1:45 PM, Eli Bach wrote:

> Which is preferable to use from the CalendarServer trunk?
> This is for a CalDAV server, with users/groups/etc in an  
> OpenDirectory server (accessed through DirectoryServices)
> twistedcaldav/directory/appleopendirectory.py
> or
> twistedcaldav/directory/cachingappleopendirectory.py
> Eli

The appleopendirectory version is the one that's been around for a  
while, so it's potentially more stable, but the startup time can be  
long if your directory has a large number of users/groups (because  
this code reads all directory records in from the OD server -- and  
actually does this *per* calendar server "slave" process).  The  
cachingappleopendirectory version not only faults records in only as  
needed, but uses memcache to share those records amongst the calendar  
server processes.  We are still evaluating the performance benefits of  
this new version.  Note also that resource delegation (being able to  
specify which users are allowed to be delegates for a resource or  
location) is not yet supported in cachingappleopendirectory yet.


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