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#335: Search via email address in cachingappleopendirectory fails
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Comment(by ebach2@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 ebach2@…]:
 > To follow up, it also fails even when using /Search for the ldap node.
 > But within the dscl cli tool, the search for the email address succeeds:
 >  > search /Search dsAttrTypeNative:mail sarah at test.com
 > Users/sarah           dsAttrTypeNative:mail = (
 >     "sarah at test.com"
 > )

 I'm not sure why, but:

 search /Search dsAttrTypeStandard:EMailAddress sarah at test.com

 returns no entries (where searching for dsAttrTypeNative:mail returns the
 proper record)

 But my DirectoryServices exploring app (which just does a
 dsGetRecordEntry, then iterates over all the attributes for the record),
 returns both dsAttrTypeNative:mail and dsAttrTypeStandard:EMailAddress
 entries, which the dscl tool doesn't display.  And I've verified in
 DirectoryUtility.app that EMailAddress is mapped by the mail ldap

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