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#317: System install (run's -i option) ambiguities
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Comment(by wsanchez@…):

 `/usr/bin` and `/usr/share` are for operating system components.  Things
 that are added by someone other than the OS vendor should live in
 `/usr/local`.  See the hier(7) man page, look for "executables, libraries,
 etc. not included by the basic operating system".

 We probably shouldn't be installing into `/System` for the same reasons,
 though.  `/Library` is OK.  We probably should also use a different path
 if we aren't on Mac OS for stuff in `/Library`, probably `/var/spool`.

 As to "home install" vs "system install": that's kinda of a weird python
 distutils thing; a home install is for a user-specific setup (ie. you
 don't have root access, or don't want to install system-wide).

 If you are creating packages for an installer, you want a system install
 into a temp dir (eg. `/tmp/dst`) and pack up its contents for overlaying
 onto a system.

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