[CalendarServer-dev] [CalendarServer] #345: Make iCal Server to provide subscriptions or feeds

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Mon Aug 3 13:16:33 PDT 2009

#345: Make iCal Server to provide subscriptions or feeds
 Reporter:  alex.thurley@…           |       Owner:  wsanchez@…        
     Type:  Defect                   |      Status:  new               
 Priority:  2: Expected              |   Milestone:  CalendarServer-2.x
Component:  Calendar Server          |    Severity:  Other             
 Keywords:  ICS FEED                 |  
 It just happened that I got the request make our group calendar entries
 for 2 group calendars accessable in a website build in typo3. All calendar
 plugins for typo3 require an ics-file that can be read out. This should
 not be a problem for a calendar of an individual user that could be copied
 to a special place where it is then later taken to the typo3 calendar
 plugin, but with group calendars we've got an ics file for each event. At
 the moment we help us and perform a cat, e.g.: cat
 /Library/CalendarServer/Documents/calendars/__uids__/UID/calendar/* >

 Or does anybody know an easy way to accomplish this very simple need?



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