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#260: OpenLDAP directory service
 Reporter:  jusiskin@…                 |       Owner:  wsanchez@…        
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 Priority:  3: Important               |   Milestone:  CalendarServer-2.x
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Comment(by rahul@…):

 Hi Aymeric,
 Firstly, thanks for the patch you have written. This is extremely standard
 based and should be able to integrate with any LDAP implementation using
 RFC2307bis schema. I highly recommend that this patch be merged with the
 main calendarserver trunk. Anyway, I have two queries reg. this patch.

 1. Is it possible to do free-busy lookups? I have used OpenLDAP with TB
 3.0beta2 + Lightning 1.0pre2. While inviting attendees, and adding them,
 the free-busy schedule is not shown? Is this a bug? Also is free-busy
 lookup the same as attendee lookup?

 2. Does your code take into consideration primary group membership?
 Because from what I know, the gidNumber of the user object class
 represents the primary group of that user and all the groups which have
 the user's dn listed in their uniqueMember attribute are secondary groups.

 Looking forward to a response.


 Replying to [comment:16 aymeric.augustin@…]:
 > Following up on my previous post... I just attached a new patch, with
 the code I am now running in production at several medium-sized companies.
 > All necessary settings are now configurable (for example email addresses
 generation for groups) and caching is implemented (the web interface is 6x
 faster on my setup, which is fairly standard).
 > Is it likely that this patch will be integrated into calendarserver, and
 would any additionnal work be necessary for this ? (more doc ?)

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