[CalendarServer-dev] Invalidated resources with memcache implementation

Eli Bach ebach2 at gmail.com
Wed May 6 12:48:55 PDT 2009

When using open directory configure users/groups/locations/resources,  
with the new memcached caching implementation, what is the best way to  
handle the situation where

-a user tries to invite a specific user email address in iCal, but the  
user isn't present is OD
-so DCS adds that email address to the cache as being invalid
-the user adds the user to OD
-the user goes back to iCal to re-invite the user

At this point, DCS seems to only use the cache entry, which still  
indicates the address is invalid.

What should be done at this point?

I've got a separate process that helps manage changes to the server,  
so I could send a signal to DCS or possibly to the memcached process,  
but what is the best way to handle this?  Of course, the trivial, but  
extremely heavyweight option is to restart DCS.


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