[CalendarServer-dev] UIDs as ATTENDEE IDs, please fix that

Helge Heß me at helgehess.eu
Sun May 17 06:14:38 PDT 2009


rereading the thread it sounds like you refuse to fix it. I guess  
there is little we can do about it besides filing bug reports listing  
Lightning, Evolution, Kontact, ... interoperability issues :-)

So lets focus on how a client can resolve the 'Apple way' GUIDs and  
how all that works internally.

a) if a client PUTs a message with attendees like that:

      ATTENDEE:mailto:abc at def.de

    CalServer will lookup the mailto in its directory and replace
    it with:
      ATTENDEE;X-CALENDAR-SERVER-EMAIL=abc at def.de:urn:uuid:29382..

    The server will do this instantly and the client needs to do
    a GET after each PUT.

a1) Question: what happens if the mailto is not in the local
     directory, but points to an external participant?
     (eg comes from a CardDAV server)

a2) Can you return modified content in the PUT response, with a
     200 OK instead of requiring a reGET? (not sure whether that
     would be OK will HTTP)

b) if a client PUTs a message with an attendee and a GUID like that:


    The UUID is not a CalServer one, its created by the client (or
    some other server).
    What will happen with that, stored as-is?

c) you mention that there will be an Apple specific REPORT to
    retrieve information about GUID attendees.
    To avoid additional HTTP IO, can we have it that way:

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <C:calendar-multiget xmlns="DAV:"

    Or something similiar. Core point is, that the required info
    can be retrieved in one step (simple GETs become useless ...)


... still hoping that there will be an option to make the server do it  
the X-APPLE-UUID way.

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