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#354: username and password box
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 Our clients can get asked for their username and password to be entered
 while lightning or Sun is running.  During this process one or more of the
 calendars are in error.

 Having said that, the calendar/s in error don't always play up, ie you can
 still read and write/create new entries while in error.

 I check the saved passwords and all details are correct.

 It would seem to happen at random with different people being effected on
 different times/days with different calendars.

 Sometimes a user or two cannot see a shared calendar when others can use
 it fine.

 The only solution seems to be to wait it out, which is not much help if
 you have stuff booked on the calendar you need to access.

 I have even tried reinstalling the calendar and upgrading to the latest
 version but with no effect.

 Can you help?

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