[CalendarServer-dev] Use of Twisted web2

Peter Mogensen apm at one.com
Wed Nov 25 00:52:49 PST 2009


I've been looking into the state of Twisted and CalendarServer and I'm a 
little confused about the roadmap.

Twisted developers write:
"Twisted Web 2 was (emphasis past tense!) a complete re-write of Twisted 
Web, with a new HTTP/1.1 implementation and a new resource publishing 
model. We decided this was a mistake and development focus has shifted 
to porting the best parts of Twisted Web 2 back to Twisted Web where 
existing applications will benefit from them."

But CalendarServer relies heavily on Web2 features (DAV/ACls), so it 
would seem that unless there will be a 1-1 migrate path from Web2 to 
never versions of Twisted.web for these features, then CalendarServer is 
stuck on an unmaintained branch of Twisted.

In other places people mention that there's plan to merge the 
dav-take-two-3081-4 branch back onto twisted trunk as soon as it's 
ready, but from the above that seem like it's an old abandoned plan?

Could anyone elaborate on the plans for Twisted in CalendarServer?


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