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-= Quick Start =
-These instructions describe how to get a server running from a copy of the Calendar Server source code.  As such, it is somewhat developer centric.  The software will need to be compiled and prepared before it can be used; this requires a developer tool chain which is fairly common across various UNIX-like systems.  Mac OS X users, for example, should make sure they have the Developer Tools package installed.
-Place this source directory into an empty development directory, such
-as `~/Developer/Collaboration/CalendarServer/`.  The server requires a
-number of libraries in order to operate.  The `run` script in the
-sources will automatically download or check out the appropriate
-libraries and build them for you:
-./run -s
-Before you can run the server, you need to set up a configuration file
-for development.  There is a provided test configuration that you can
-use to start with:
-cp ./conf/caldavd-test.plist ./conf/caldavd-dev.plist
-You will need to choose a "directory service" to use to populate your
-server's principals (users, groups and resources).  A directory service
-provides the calendar server with information about these principals.
-Some of the directory services which are supported by the calendar
-server include:
- * `XMLDirectoryService`: this service is configurable via an XML file that contains principal information.  The file `conf/auth/accounts.xml` provides an example principals configuration.
- * `OpenDirectoryService` this service uses OpenDirectory (which in turn uses LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) to obtain principal information.
- * `BasicDirectoryService` and `DigestDirectoryService`: these services are configurable using configuration files in the same formats as used by the [http://httpd.apache.org/ Apache HTTP server], allowing you to use the same user/group setup as a separately-running Apache server.  Note that the current implementation does not allow for configuring resources, since Apache doesn't have resource principals.
-The `caldavd-test.plist` configuration uses `XMLDirectoryService` by
-default, set up to use `conf/auth/accounts-test.xml`.
-This file contains a user principal, named "admin", with password
-"admin", which is set up with administrative permissions on the server.
-You can then run the server thusly:
-This should start up and bind to port 8008 for HTTP and 8443 for
-HTTPS.  You should then be able to connect to the server using your
-web browser (eg. Safari, Firefox) or with a CalDAV client (eg. iCal,


* The IP shown here might not mean anything if the user or the server is
behind a proxy.

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