[CalendarServer-dev] [CalendarServer] #286: ./run script have Perl run-time dependency.

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Sun Sep 13 03:01:48 PDT 2009

#286: ./run script have Perl run-time dependency.
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Comment(by matthias@…):

 Hi. I've installed CalendarServer on Ubuntu and it took me an hour to
 figure out that xpath is used by run.sh to get config keys. It would be
 nice, if this would at least be mentioned as requirement, see #79. An
 error message that xpath is not installed would also be nice.

 Besides this, I had to change config_key to this:

 conf_read_key ()
   local key="$1"; shift;

   # FIXME: This only works for simple values (no arrays, dicts)
   tr '\n' ' ' < "${config}"
     | xpath -e "/plist/dict/*[preceding-sibling::key[1]='${key}'" 2>
 /dev/null \
     | head -n 1 \
     | sed -n 's|^<[^<][^<]*>\([^<]*\)</[^<][^<]*>.*$|\1|p';

 as xapth requires the "-e" flag and it returns two nodes.

  Matthias Ringwald

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