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Sun Aug 8 18:48:52 PDT 2010

#393: Kerberos dependancy prevents startup; obvious fix enclosed
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Component:  Calendar Server   |    Severity:  Crash/data loss   
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 Despite ticket 352 and changeset 4665, there is still a (new?) kerberos
 dependancy. In twistedcaldav/directory/principal.py, line 53, it says:
 from twistedcaldav.authkerb import NegotiateCredentials

 authkerb.py will not run if kerberos isn't installed, as it will in turn
 try to import kerberos, which fails. There seemed little point in hacking
 on it since it has no purpose without kerberos, so I instead commented out
 the import in principal.py. This seems to work fine - the server appears
 to be fully working against iCal 10.6.

 The "right" fix seems barely more complex - as with ticket #352, stick it
 in a "try" block.

 It would be nice to get this fix in soon, since server installs of Ubuntu
 10.04 (and quite likely some other distros) don't come with kerberos


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