[CalendarServer-dev] CTag/ETag on calendar collections

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Tue Jan 5 07:58:42 PST 2010

Hi Peter,

--On January 5, 2010 4:53:35 PM +0100 Peter Mogensen <apm at one.com> wrote:

>>> Also, it seems like this is enforced by CalendarServer storing the CTag
>>> in an attribute of the calendar collection - which in turn make Twisted
>>> update the ETag based on the modification time of the inode.
>> A nice side-effect!
> Yes - but I'm somewhat reluctant to rely on it given the number of
> on-disk layout changes you have :)

Can you file a ticket on <http://trac.calendarserver.org> asking for a 
reliable ETag on calendar collections and caching of rolled-up data. That 
way we will have it in our queue.

Cyrus Daboo

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