[CalendarServer-dev] lib-patches/vobject/vobject.icalendar.patch: colon not in active escapableCharList

Götz Babin-Ebell g.babin-ebell at novamedia.de
Tue Jul 6 09:22:45 PDT 2010

Hello folks,

I've got a question concerning the patch lib-patches/vobject/vobject.icalendar.patch:

In changeset 5126 sagen at apple.com removed the colon from the active list of esacapable characters.
Unfortunately with this change our Address Books can't add entries because it adds vcards
with an X-ABUID that end with the string '\:ABPerson' (containing the escaped colon.
The CalendarServer (trunc) returns with an 403 Fornidden containing an DAV valid-address-data error.

Could it be possible to re add the colon to the escapableCharList ?



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