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#367: Still can't run CardDAV server in Linux
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 Previously ticket 359, but another user responded to that and it got

 I finally had a chance to give the latest trunk (5266) of Calendar Server
 a try.  Same server, but it had since been upgraded to Debian Lenny.

 I got the same error as listed in ticket 359 after the compile and launch:
 ImportError: No module named opendirectory

 I was able to get the server started by commenting out the following:

 twistedcaldav/static.py: from twistedcaldav.directory.principal import
 DirectoryCalendarPrincipalResource #from twistedcaldav import
 report_addressbook_findshared #setattr(DirectoryCalendarPrincipalResource,

 twistedcaldav/addressbook.py #from
 twistedcaldav.report_addressbook_findshared import
 getReadWriteSharedAddressBookGroups, getReadOnlySharedAddressBookGroups,
 getWritersGroupForShare\ dAddressBookGroup

 And doing a:

 mkdir data/Documents/directory

 This allows me to not only start the server, but to even log in with
 Address Book.

 However, I get the error:

 [carddav-throw] Unable to query user's address book home. User: admin
 Scheme: https Host: mail.kapor.com Port: 8443 Principal:

 When I connect to the web server, it there is nothing listed under Address
 Book Homes, and it would appear that the /addressbooks/ directory isn't
 being created for the user.

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