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Wed Nov 3 00:58:45 PDT 2010


i have a calenderserver version -2.4 from apple running on a linux squeeze box 
and i wanted to know sth about collection listing
that are shown in  http://www.example.com:8008/:

	* .calendarserver_version =version of caldav

	* admin = Calendar Server Web Administration
	* calendars = all cals of users, groups, resources, locations..
	* inbox = ??? when i click and login with username of superuser and pass i got:
        ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access /inbox.

	* ischedule = ???     when i click in it it is just shown a label:  Server To 
Server Inbox Resource but nothing else, and in caldav.plist i've this
/etc/caldavd/servertoserver.xml configuration but there is no file named 

on /etc/caldavd/   

	* principals = all principals resources

	* webcal = ??? when i click in it i got the error message:The resource /webcal 
cannot be found. pls if u can help me solving this issues about caldav..



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