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Lisana Berberi lisanaberberi at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 05:00:20 PDT 2010

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Hello Lisana
you have to describe emails to mailings lists  better
you have to write which version you have running on  which linux system.
then what you have set up
and what you want to reach.
something like that
i have a calenderserver version (xxx) from apple  running on a linux squeeze 
i have set up the users
both have read and write privileges on each others  calendar.
i have set up both calendar under sunbird and also  on iphone and the access is 
Due to the fact that if i setup 20 users which also  have rw access to each 
others calendar and all users should be able to see the  whole calendar i would 
have to set up 20x20 calendars on each iphone and the  same on the sunbird 
That would be a lot of work to do. 
iCal for example makes it easier, because iCall  detects the calendars the user 
is able to access.
Beside i tested also the davical server  and there it should get possible in 
future to bind calendars into a  calender of another user.
in detail
user a has his calendera unter
and it would be nice to have the calendars he/she  has access to automaticall 
bound into
that way it would be easy to see the  calenders of another user on ipad, 
iphone etc if you wish, because it is  ipossible to select and deselct which 
calendars should be  displayed.
Well that feature is not included in davical but i  am not sure if it is 
included in caldav, or if this feature will get added  somewhen?
any information about that is appr
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>Subject: Fw: Info about bind    privilege
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>Subject: Info about bind    privilege
>pls can u tell me how can i enable <bind> option for    a user in accounts.xml 
>in order to get access 
>to another user    cal???

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