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#399: run script should parse_options() before including build.sh
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 I am trying to install a carddav server, and after building the sources, I
 get this error:

 {{{./run -a}}}

 Missing config file: /home/freek/calendarserver/conf/caldavd-dev.plist
 You might want to start by copying the test configuration:

   cp conf/carddavd-test.plist conf/carddavd-dev.plist

 This is obviously wrong (caldav-dev.plist is missing, but I need to cp

 The reasons is that the first line is defined in support/build.sh, which
 defines $conf as "${wd}/conf/${DAVD}davd-dev.plist";. However, build.sh is
 included (and executed!) before run has set $DAVD correctly.

 The solution is to to first let run set $DAVD, before including build.sh

 Patch is attached.

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