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#422: Digest authentication algorithm md5 & RFC2617
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  Priority:  2: Expected                  |   Milestone:  CalendarServer-3.x       
 Component:  Calendar Server              |    Severity:  Other                    
Resolution:  Behaves correctly            |    Keywords:  Digest authentication md5
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Comment(by cdaboo@…):

 My fault: that comment in RFC2617 actually refers to the auth method not
 the algorithm value. The spec does not indicate whether the algorithm is
 case-sensitive or not (some other parameters it does give an explicit
 statement). However, 2517 uses the same ABNF as 2616 and in 2616 Section
 2.1 it states

       Quotation marks surround literal text. Unless stated otherwise,
       the text is case-insensitive.

 So that implies that the "literals" in the 2617 syntax are case-
 insensitive by default.

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