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Sat Feb 5 01:02:03 PST 2011

#406: calendarserver_export uses CalDAVFile
 Reporter:  mail@…                |       Owner:  wsanchez@…        
     Type:  Defect                |      Status:  new               
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Component:  Calendar Server       |    Severity:  Other             
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Comment(by mail@…):

 My fix does not really solve the problem which requires way more work:
 <fmms> glyph, just patched that have a look at the ticket
 <glyph> fmms: it's not quite that simple
 <fmms> at least then i can read the help ;)
 <glyph> fmms: the data-store API is completely different now,
 CalDAVResource isn't backed by files on disk.  Even if you use the
 (unsupported) filesystem backend, it has a different API.
 <glyph> yeah that tool just hasn't been updated yet
 <glyph> it's not a matter of a single import, it needs to be rewritten :)
 <fmms> glyph, i am just using the filesystem backend, why is it not
 <fmms> what does that mean, will you remove it any day, or will bugs be
 fixed slower?
 <glyph> fmms: It means that you should use the database backend because
 that's the one that's supposed to work :).

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