[CalendarServer-dev] Partitioning and sharing

Peter Mogensen apm at one.com
Wed Feb 9 04:34:20 PST 2011


I was playing around with trunk code and calendar sharing on partitioned 
servers and I got the impression that there might be something missing.

I have user1 at server1(partition1) and user2 at server2(partition2).

For a simple direct share, where user2 is sharing a calendar-collection 
and user1 want's to be sharee (and ACLs are set to allow that), doing 
this doesn't work:

Request to server1:
GET /calendars/users/user2/sharedcal/?action=share

The partition code sees that this is a request for at resource on 
server2 and forwards the request.
server2 get's the request, but fails to map the calendar into user1 
calendar-home, since he's obviously hosted at server1.

It seem logical that this needs special consideration since all other 
GET requests are meant to be dealt with on the server hosting the resource.
But this special GET request actually needs to modify state on the 
server NOT hosting the resource.

I hope I haven't misunderstood something basic :) and  my observation 
can be of help.


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