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Fri Feb 18 11:27:56 PST 2011

#416: replies to tokenized mails are not forwared correctly
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Component:  Calendar Server       |    Severity:  Other             
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Comment(by mail@…):

 I spend a long time debugging this issue.

 This issue is caused by different linebreaks:
 It was caused by somehow incorrect lineending handling.

 Read from my IMAP, I have message containing \r\n when they get read by
 They are delimited by \n in the header and still \r\n in the content.

 Sending the mail via ESMTPSenderFactory() now creates two \n into \r\n as
 of RFC2822, but does
 so for the content too, therefore too many line breaks are in there.

 One MUST NOT use str(msg) as this contains the unix header (envelope) and
 therefore the headers
 will be added twice ...

 My issue416.py is useless and wrong. But calendarserver-
 mailforwarding.patch solves all my problems.

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