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 {{{Mail gateway didn't find a token in message}}} -- Calendar Server uses "plus addressing" to encode a token into the reply-to address for email invitations.  That way, when a reply comes back, the token can be used to look up the appropriate organizer, attendee, and event to update.  This special tokenized email address is not only in the reply-to field, but also substituted for the organizer's email address within the embedded icalendar body attached to the invitation.  So iMIP-aware clients should direct the reply to the email address including the token.  If that token is missing, the iMIP reply is not processed.
 {{{iMIP injection principal not found: com.apple.calendarserver}}} -- By default, Calendar Server assumes there is a user named com.apple.calendarserver on the system and it uses that account to authenticate requests between the calendar server processes and the mail gateway process.  If you're not on an OS X server, you'll need to create a user account for this purpose, and put its username and password into the caldavd.plist as described in the steps above.
+== Configuring for LDAP ==
+'''How do I configure Calendar Server to use LDAP for users, groups, locations, and resources?'''
+See ConfiguringLDAP


* The IP shown here might not mean anything if the user or the server is
behind a proxy.

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