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Sun May 13 15:07:22 PDT 2012

#481: [PATCH] Add delegation support, a Pythonic API, and remove base64
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 The combination of these allow the creation of e.g. web interfaces that
 connect to other services on behalf of the user.

 The delegation is to allow for services acting on behalf of the user.

 Removing the previously forced base64 makes it possible to use as an
 authenticator in other Python modules, for instance imaplib.IMAP4.

 The Pythonic API means a GSSAPI-authenticated IMAP instantiation looks
 imap = imaplib.IMAP4('mail.example.com', 143)
 imap.authenticate('GSSAPI', kerberos.GSSAPIClient('imap at mail.example.com',
 username='username', do_base64=False))
 which IMHO looks a lot nicer than what is presently needed.

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