[CalendarServer-dev] PyKerberos - Python 3 support patch

Alex Szczuczko alex at szc.ca
Thu Apr 25 17:40:39 PDT 2013


About two months ago I submitted an Enhancement patch for the PyKerberos
component under Ticket #798 [1]. This patch is described in detail on
the ticket, but essentially it introduces support for Python 3 while
maintaining support for Calendar Server's minimum Python version of 2.6 [2].

Since I haven't heard anything, I thought I would request feedback for
the patch directly. I have done some basic testing of the patch, but if
there's more that I need to do to get it included, please let me know.

Alex Szczuczko

[1] - https://trac.calendarserver.org/ticket/798
[2] - http://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/HACKING#coding-standards

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