[CalendarServer-dev] Exception in recvfd --was: Re: continuing work on FreeBSD ports

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Thu Feb 14 01:15:28 PST 2013

On 02/14/2013 09:56 AM, Axel Rau wrote:

> No, shutting down the server does not flush them.
> I did not recognized in the 1st place that you have no close.
> Closing them on function return and opening in append mode, in case file exist, on next function entry might be the way to go.
> I will try fflush(3)...


Yes it was a quick hack, as my bug also broke the test at the time I did 
most debugging there. At the end we could condense the problem
to a small testcase and at the end the bug was found..

For the previous bug the problem was in sendmsg.c, I can not really tell 
if this is the case here. I just figured that FreeBSD might do something 

You should maybe also log the sending side, so you know if what is sent
with sendmsg is received..  if that is all ok, then the problem might be 
It is a tricky thing and there might be better methods, I just went
for the dirty hack to get some more information after looking at
the code.


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