[CalendarServer-dev] continuing work on FreeBSD ports

Axel Rau axel.rau at chaos1.de
Thu Jan 31 01:31:30 PST 2013


I'm trying to complete Rolands work on caldavports
Currently I'm using the 4.2 release of dcs with twisted 12.1 and all dependencies are installed through the ports system (pycalendar and py-psutil had to be upgraded to more recent versions).
So far the server is running in a fbsd jail with the db on a different host and I have created a rc.script.

I'm new to dcs and struggling with the configuration.
1. Do I still need 2 separate run/config environments in order to run both a caldav and a cardav server (i.e. EnableCalDAV and EnableCardDAV can't both be true)?
2. Is it correct that IPv6 is not (yet) supported?

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