[CalendarServer-dev] Debian updated package 4.2

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Mon Nov 4 11:15:10 PST 2013

Thanks Rahul,

I did not notice that 5.0 was released.

If I can help I will try.
Feel free to take any patches and let me know if you need more
detailed information. I have them here in a git-buildpackage and *might* 
have some more details in the commit messages :)

When you get 5.0 to unstable I will drop my repo.
If anyone need my repo to be online, once 5.0 hits sid, let me know.
(do not think there are many people using the 4.2 package.. possibly 
only me :) )


On 2013-11-02 19:06, Rahul Amaram wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> Thanks for the package and all your feedback. I have just bundled
> calendarserver 5.0 and have taken a couple of patches from your package.
> There is a bug with files storage backend and I still need to do a more
> thorough testing of upgrading from previous release. Once that is done,
> I will push to unstable.
> Thanks,
> Rahul.
> On Friday 15 February 2013 08:42 PM, Fredrik Unger wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> Already found a problem.. Debian centric, not Calendarserver.
>> On 02/15/2013 02:05 PM, Fredrik Unger wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I updated my personal package to 4.2.
>>> https://tree.se/debian/
>>> There were three minor changes, fixing a few SQL statements for 0.1.4,
>>> adding python-psutil as dependency, debianizing PGSOCKETDIR.

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