[CalendarServer-dev] Trying to compile CalendarServer [Solved]

Andre LaBranche dre at apple.com
Thu Jun 2 08:35:40 PDT 2016


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> ...
> Having cloned 8.0 and running ./bin/develop for the first time, the build unfortuately fails.
> I don't know whether your comprehensive install process is intended to solve *every* dependency,

You are too kind! It is not, and the list of missing ingredients varies by platform.

> but when ./bin/develop
> started to build libsasl it failed on a missing kerberos library.

This is expected. I started an Admin Guide that has only one section so far, so isn't yet linked from anywhere, but does contain build dependency info:


> ...
> Your build system continues to build Postgresql inspite of an Ubuntu installation, but I have not investigated why. It may be due to Ubuntu's
> installation being in /usr/lib/postgresql.

For Postgres, we are less strict about accepting an installed version than we should be; we only check for the presence of the "postgres" command in the current $PATH:


On the other hand, I don't believe we have intentionally used any "new" Postgres features, and I don't recall anyone ever reporting that an existing Postgres was insufficient.

Look elsewhere in the above file to see what we do for other C based dependencies.

> It may be that the SVN error would also occur if your build system built libsasl . I've not investigated this.
> It would be very easy for your test department to reproduce these steps on a VirtualBox instance.

I think the secretly documented steps should work.

> Ha ha! Your QuickStart document didn't turn out to be quick!

Building CalendarServer on != OS X is an achievement. I should make a little digital award...

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