[CalendarServer-dev] Create Users API

Maximiliano Sbrocca maximiliano.sbrocca at santexgroup.com
Thu Mar 31 06:41:50 PDT 2016

Hello everybody,

    My name is Maxi and I'm analyzing caldav servers to implement in the
company I'm working for. The company has an app where events are created.
Once it happen, emails are sent with ICS files. The idea is to also save
the events in the caldav server. I've this part working (dev mode) by
calling the Darwin API
and the ics file content in the request body). Then users will be able to
sync their events against the caldav server. (This is also working. I was
able to sync my events using Evolution and Thunderbird).

     What I need now, is some help with the API part for users creation.
     Logged as the admin (admin/admin) I'm making PUT calls to:


     The request header has Authorization - Basic for admin/admin and the
body I'm sending is:

<record type="user">
    <full-name>Maxi Sbrocca</full-name>
    <email>maximiliano.sbrocca at santexgroup.com</email>

     And the response error I'm getting is:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<error xmlns='DAV:'>

    I'm not seeing any console log error:

2016-03-31T10:40:24-0300 [caldav-0]  [txweb2.server#info] PUT
/calendars/users/ HTTP/1.1

     Could you please help me to find out what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

*Sbrocca Hector Maximiliano*
Software Engineer

Vélez Sársfield 576  4° piso.
Córdoba, Argentina.
+54 (0351) 589 7070

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