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> On Nov 27, 2018, at 6:58 AM, Doug Reid <Doug.Reid at haafconsulting.com> wrote:
> Questions
> ==========		
> - What is the expected timeframe to complete the move to python3.x?

I would say that currently there is no expectation (that I'm aware of, at least). That's not a comment on the difficulty or scope of the task, but rather about there being no real active development on the project.

> 	Implementation of  a calendar services can wait for now.
> - Is there any plans to look at swift instead of python?

The previous answer applies here also...

I'll add that personally I would question the value of any kind of Python to Swift rewrite effort for CalendarServer. Server-side swift is still relatively new (and less portable), and while I have no problems with the language itself, CalendarServer leans heavily on the Python ecosystem. To paraphrase Miles Davis, the important part here is "not the notes you play software you write, it's the notes you don't play software you don't write".

... also in the case of this particular code base, I don't think there's a lot of regret sitting around that would justify a rewrite. Sure, there are a few gross parts, but by and large it is well organized and well tested (personally I have contributed very little in terms of lines of code, though I am pretty familiar with the bulk of it).

> 	I am implementing my php classes in swift for web development.   I think when I get past the learning curve it will be much better than php.

That stands to reason :) Even though Python is significantly older than PHP, I would opine that Python is more relevant and appropriate today than PHP is, even just for web stuff. I'm not saying Swift is a bad choice for your project, either :)


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