[CalendarServer-users] UTF-8 Encoding Problem

Frank Strauß strauss at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu Dec 7 16:51:33 PST 2006


I just started playing with the CalendarServer. During my first attempts
to PUT events on the server (using Mulberry for now) I observed a bug,
which you are probably already aware off, since Wilfredo also has a
non-ASCII character in his name. :-)...

When a request submitted to the server contains non-ascii characters,
the server raises an error like this:

2006/12/08 01:01 +0200 [-] "Error while handling (calendar) PUT: 'ascii'
codec can't encode character u'\\xdf' in position 321: ordinal not in

All I know about Python is, that it's worth to learn it. :-/ So I do not
have enough skills to do a backtrace and find out where this should be
fixed, in Twisted or in the CalendarServer, or elsewhere. All I did so
far, is a tcpdump trace so that I can say, that the client has most
probably set the Content-Type properly (text/calendar; charset=utf-8),
but I'm not sure what else I should check. If someone would like to look
at my tcpdump trace, the file can be downloaded from




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