xattr on freebsd (Re: [CalendarServer-users] freebsd?)

Christian Kuhtz christian at kuhtz.com
Wed Sep 13 19:17:52 PDT 2006

On Sep 13, 2006, at 5:49 PM, Douglas Kosovic wrote:

>>> Looks like you are missing /include/sys/xattr.h. Try to see if   
>>> xattr.h is located somewhere else on your system. Failing that  
>>> you  may need to install the xattr development package (or  
>>> FreeBSD  equivalent) to allow compiling in xattr support.
>> There is no xattr.h on the system (or in the source tree for that   
>> matter) and there are also no definitions of the missing symbols   
>> anywhere else in the /usr/include tree.
> FreeBSD provides extended attributes through the <sys/extattr.h> API.
>> Again, is there actually anyone out there who has this built on   
>> FreeBSD? It really looks like that is wishful thinking at the moment.
> To build on FreeBSD, I guess the code would need to be modified to  
> handle both the <sys/extattr.h> and <sys/xattr.h> APIs.

Thanks.  That explains a lot (specifically, why I wasn't to find  
anything by grepping the tree).  I just took a look at how to map it,  
going to take a crack at it later tonight.

At least we have confirmation now that the build does not currently  
work on FreeBSD.

Best regards,

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